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Membership category benefits
As a member of the India PKI forum there are a host of benefits which can be categorized under Principal Membership and Other members.
The benefits of each category of Member are set out below
Benefits Principal Member Associate Members
Right to attend the annual member General Assembly
Receive all IPKI Working Groups communications
Participate in IPKI meetings
Participate in any IPKI Working Groups as member or observers
Involve a limited number (based on the capacity of meeting place) of your employees in any IPKI Working Groups as members or Observers
Make recommendations to start new Working Groups to promote, develop and/or advance specific professional information security topics
Access the members only website containing information about emerging technologies and markets and the key players behind them
Contribute relevant technical work to new or existing IPKI Working Groups
Eligible for selection as the Secretary and Treasurer
Right to use "IPKI Sponsor" logo on web site and/or collateral
Receive discounts for IPKI events, e.g. Symposium, Conference, Seminar and Workshop
Right to represent and speak on behalf of the IPKI at conferences and with journalists and analysts
Right to sponsor e-newsletter and Daily News link
Right to sponsor official IPKI case study
Application Forms
To become a member, please send in your enquiries to