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Membership Benefits
Government of India’s Digital India Vision programme to transform India into digital empowered society and knowledge economy has gained momentum and has laid out a plan to offer world class services at the click of a mouse. By the year 2020, Digital India Vision has the potential to transform existing public service delivery system, improve productivity, create jobs and induce economic activity in areas that are not digitally connected.
With active encouragement from Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA), India PKI forum works to create and sustain an environment conducive to the development and adoption of Digital India Vision. Membership to the India PKI Forum provides a unique opportunity for an organization or consortiums to engage and drive the thought leadership towards use of PKI technology to enable digital connectivity to every Indian citizen for education, healthcare, financial inclusion and other areas of governance.
At India PKI Forum, members would address current challenges that lead to the adoption of digitization, build strategies for the future and share best practices, with the overall objective of building an environment of completely eliminating paper and go digital and paperless.
Advantages for the members
As a member of India PKI Forum, you will access a world of opportunities in the fast emerging PKI industry, from networking with regulatory bodies, IT companies and consulting companies to assisting in framing the shape of the PKI industry in India in the coming years. India PKI Forum’s proactive approach focuses on helping you to increase efficiency and competitiveness. In addition, specific benefits to our members. These include:
Insights on Industry trends
  • Access to a repository of PKI industry presentations, blogs, discussions and articles
  • An opportunity to engage with the India PKI research team and share case studies or transformational stories
Focus on corporates
  • Participate in community building to share best practices with start-ups and smaller organizations
  • Help enhance competitiveness of Indian Industry
Occasion to network and share best practices
  • In its endeavor to Digitize India by the year 2020, India PKI Forum provides an opportunity for all its members to share or learn best practices among the corporate of going digital through its regular meets and events. Also, you get a chance to leverage the leads and prospects to post a trade lead, or participate in one. Also, share case studies of successful PKI implementations across India.
  • Participate in Asia PKI forum and other such global forums around the world.
  • Help large companies address their key challenges of going paperless
Partner with India PKI Forum for various activities
  • Collaborate with India PKI Forum on focused events and workshops in all states/cities
Member Activities
India PKI would implement the following activities necessary to help resolve the cross-domain issues so as to achieve the objectives.
  1. Hold symposiums and conferences, and promote information exchange with the aim of identifying cross-domain institutional and technical issues
  2. Conduct necessary surveys, evaluations, pilot experiments, technical trainings, and publications, and facilitate discussions in the working groups to identify, address and resolve in detail the issues involved
  3. Develop Consortium standards, policy recommendations and provisions, participate in international standardization and promote the interoperability of information security solutions among the Forum members
  4. Promote PKI interoperability, PKI-based applications and interoperable e-commerce among the Consortium members
  5. Conduct consulting services related to the information security to help other organizations and enterprises in the country to improve the interoperability of their security solutions
  6. Study and compare legal acts and systems regarding electronic transactions
  7. Promote friendly relations among the Forum Members
  8. Undertake any necessary and appropriate activities to achieve the objectives set forth