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The government of India’s initiative to popularize and issue Aadhaar cards to every citizen of India has led to making Digital Signatures more accessible through Aadhaar card. eSign is an online server based Digital Signature solution offering users the functionality to authenticate signers and perform the certification based on the digitally signed verified information obtained through the Aadhaar eKYC services and also to apply Digital Signature on any electronic information.
eSign facilitates digitally signing a document by an Aadhaar holder using an Online Service. eSign is designed for applying Digital Signature using authentication of consumer through Aadhaar eKyc service. eSign is an integrated service that facilitates issuing a Signature Certificate and performing Signing of requested data by authenticating AADHAAR holder.
The eSign Service is governed by e-authentication guidelines. While authentication of the signer is carried out using eKYC of Aadhaar, the signature on the document is carried out on a backend server, which is the eSign provider. eSign services are offered by trusted third party service provider, like Certifying Authority. To enhance the security and prevent misuse, certificate holder private keys are created on hardware and destroyed immediately after one time usage.
Significant Features of eSign
Save cost and time Aadhar eKYC based authentication
Improve user convenience Mandatory Aadhaar ID
Easy to apply Digital Signature Biometric or OTP based authentication
Verifiable Signatures and Signatory Flexible and fast integration with application
Legally recognized Suitable for individual, business and Government
Managed by Licensed CAs API subscription Model
Privacy concerns addressed Integrity with a complete audit trail
Simple Signature verification One time usage and immediate destruction of keys
Short validity certificates No key storage and key protection concerns.
Who and where can you eSign ?
eSign have flexible subscription Model for individual users, business entities and Governments. eSign based on OTP level authentication is suitable where risks and consequences of data compromise are low but they are not considered to be of major significance. eSign based on Biometric-finger level authentication ideal for and risks and consequences of data compromise are moderate. This may include transactions having substantial monetary value or risk of fraud, or involving access to private information where the likelihood of malicious access is substantial.